The Brief.

A group of Engineers contacted Keith Prowse Travel looking for a study tour to incorporate a visit to BAUMA trade show in Munich with an educational trip.

The group of 40 were looking to travel together from Australia for a two week study tour related to Earth Works & Engineering.

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Our Solution

Keith Prowse Travel proposed the Aswan Dam, Egypt as a suitable study site and from there put together a 10 day tour of Egypt taking in the sights from Cairo to Aswan, including a 4 night cruise from Aswan to Luxor.

The trip kicked off with a welcome dinner in Cairo, allowing the group to reconnect before the tour began. Taking in many engineering feats such as the Great Pyramids of Giza, Temple of Philae, Aswan Great Dam & Quarry and the Valley of the Kings, the guests were able to both enjoy a unique and exciting trip and further their knowledge of their industry.

Keith Prowse Travel engaged the highest calibre of guides, including industry relevant guest speakers to enhance the trip.

A farewell dinner in Luxor wrapped the tour of Egypt up with guests reflecting on the time they had.

Fully escorted by a Keith Prowse Travel representative the group then travelled to Munich to visit the Trade show – BAUMA.

A welcome dinner in Munich, a group visit to the trade show including a meet and greet with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and a personal demonstration of the latest earth moving vehicles, a group invitation to a sought after industry night and personalised show diaries allowed for a beneficial education trip for all guests.

By including a Keith Prowse Travel customer service representative on the trip from start to finish all guests had a go-to person for all concerns or extra requirements as well as the peace of mind that every detail of the trip was carefully planned and executed every day.

The Result

The trip was an overwhelming success with all guests reporting a fantastic and worthwhile time away.

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