Event: Hong Kong 7’s Incentive Trip

Industry: Retail

Location: Hong Kong, China

Guests: 80 people

“A big thanks to the team at Keith Prowse Travel for delivering another great trip to the Hong Kong 7s this year. Not only was the team professional in the planning stages, they delivered a great level of service onsite which resulted in a seamless experience.

Our VIP clients were well looked after throughout the entire weekend.

Looking forward to the next trip with Keith Prowse Travel!”


Event: San Francisco Study Tour

Industry: Finance

Location: San Francisco, United States

Guests: 30 people

Client Feedback

“You guys are amazing at your hospitality and as mentioned to Bernie the other day, show innovation in arranging such trips that others simply don’t. I have taken a lot away from it personally and I am confident all guests and hosts can say the same.”

“I’ve been on a number of financier trips over the years but this would rate up there with the best. Aside from the well thought out itinerary, I think the mix of personalities in the group helped make the trip the success that is was.”


Event: Hong Kong 7’s

Industry: Leisure Group

Location: Hong Kong, China

Guests: 20 people

“The “Perry Group” as we are formally known as, have been travelling to HK7’s for the past decade. Gordon Perry, his brother Shane and their father started the trend and each year more and more friends has joined the group.

Last year saw 18 people from Cairns go to the event, on Saturday we dressed up as “Duffman’, the locals loved taking pictures with us. The Rugby atmosphere is nothing short of amazing. We all love the Friday night, ‘Roof Top Party” KPT ensure their travellers have a good time, it is here we meet other rugby diehard fans, our tour hosts and get a chance to network.

The HK7’s is already be thrown around for next year, ‘The Perry Group’ will be attending again, and look forward to catching up with new friends, and bringing new travellers a HK7’s experience. Thanks again to KPT for a truly unbelievable experience”.


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